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  • Consumer Behavior and Food Marketing

  • Food Policy 

  • New Food Technologies and Emerging Food Issues

  • Research Methods

Peer Reviewed Publications

KILDERS V., V. CAPUTO, AND L.S.O. LIVERPOOL-TASIE. 2020. Consumer Ethnocentric Behavior and Food Choices in Developing Countries: The Case of Nigeria. Food Policy, 99, 101973, [Link].

KILDERS V., AND V. CAPUTO. 2021. Is Animal Welfare Promoting Hornless Cattle? Assessing Consumer’s Valuation for Milk from Gene-edited Cows under Different Information Regimes. Journal of Agricultural Economics, [Link].

Papers in Progress and under Review

KILDERS, V., CAPUTO, V., AND J. LUSK. Consumer Preferences for Food Away from Home: Comparing Consumption Patterns across Restaurant Dine-in and Delivery Settings (Under Review).


KILDERS, V., CAPUTO, V., AND J. LUSK. A Reference Price Informed Experiment to assess Consumer Demand for Beef with a Reduced Carbon Footprint.


KILDERS, V., CAPUTO, V., AND D.L. ORTEGA. Too long, didn’t read – An investigation of consumer attention to information treatments.


CAPUTO, V., KILDERS, V., ALPHONCE, R., AND T. REARDON. The Role of Information Sources in Consumer’s Valuation for Fortified Food: An Empirical Investigation in Tanzania.


KIM, D., CAPUTP, V., AND V. KILDERS. Consumer preferences and demand for conventional seafood and seafood alternatives: Does the processing stage matter?

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